Nicki Minaj My Time Now Documentary On MTV

Sooo I just finished watching Nicki Minaj's documentary on MTV, an when it was all said and done I had a whole different respect and outlook for this woman.She talks about coming from Trinidad at a young age and being raised by her grandmother, to her father being on drugs, & the love and appreciation she has for her career as a female rapper.
           Alot of people had doubts about Nicki as far as her writing skills and who really writes for her...the footage taken of her on the documentary cleared that up, given a close and raw look at her in the studio recording "Romans Revenge".
She sheds tears of joy and hurt through out the interview and gets real personal.Not afraid of being real and who she is as a female she speaks upon the difference between men and women saying "if a woman is assertive shes a bitch, but when a man is the same way he's looked at as a boss".
I think this documentary was good for her...to actually give not only her fans but the haters as well a look and to see she's human too..that she has feelings and throughout it all she humbles herself and will never forget where she came from and how it got her success now now.