Wiz Khalifa - Never Been

Video For "Never Been" Off Of Kush & Orange Juice.....

(someone give this girl a better weave smh)

Ms.Lopez Gracing The Cover Of Glamour Magazine

Wearing a leapord body suit on the cover of Glamour....At the age 41, and happily married with a set of twins Jennifer hasn't seemes to lost her touch.In this September issue she talks about her style direction, marriage and her upcoming album titled "Love".From wearing Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs,Ivanka Trump & her favorite Loubies, her shots in this issue are remarkable.Without a lick of aging and a toned body.... this Latina is Back.

Jay-Z Wearing Balenciaga Winter 2010 Sneakers

I must admit, your man HOV secretly keeps his fashion up to par.This man could be wearing the most expensive unmarked item and you wouldnt know.He was spotted wearing a exclusive pair of Balenciaga Leather Patchwork sneakers from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection. These kicks have premium materials pieced together on top of a transparent sole. He was also spotted wearing a Yves Saint Laurent polo shirt, and we all know he couldn’t travel overseas without his favorite seen shades – the Oliver Peoples Daddy B sunglasses.


Chanel Bags...Smart Shop?

Want to splurge on a great bag while making a great investment, then shop smart, save up and purchase Chanel Classic Flap Bag or Chanel Reissue 2.55 Bag that you may have always wanted. The reason why I say there great investments is because the value on these bags go up every 6 months to a year by almost $500 just for a basic bag.People are always looking to purchase Chanel Flaps, so buying and reselling is a great option.If you don't buy these bags now, the prices will not stay at a stand still..they will rise.The Chanel flap may even be more popular across the world than the illustrious handbag holy grail, the Hermes Birkin.Not to mention the great quality of leather on these bags, its most likely to outlive both me and you.The starting prices on these bags start at $2,000 and are available on Chanel.com

Vivian Green "Beautiful"

I absolutly LOVE this song :-)

Fanny Packs What :-/ ???

Should I entertain this topic? Ok just briefly..So it seems that these little bags that your grandmother used to wear is becoming a slight fashion fade all off a sudden.Please tell me that this is a come and go situation.When i saw these bags being sold at my job and customers where actually buying them, I just shook my head.Even though i think these bags are completly useless, I actually think the designer ones are actually kind of cute.The plain ones with with no style are a BIG NO NO in my book.These bags can be found at.....Lol never mind..i wouldnt condone to anyone buying this.


Again..All Hail Queens...All Music Group

Comming straight out of Queens,NY both young men by the name of Nathaniel Richezz & Brandon "Eazy" started a development of All Music Group giving us a taste of their music.They specialize in Music Recording,Promotion and Distributing music of all genres.They also help with developing artists and also putting together album packages from recording straight to the packaging process.I believe these guys have alot to offer ib the music industry and also helping other up & comming artists.You can visit them at www.AWMUSICGROUP.com


Combat & Frye Boots= Extreme Hot Shit

I'll jump of a building if i see anyone in those ugly out of style cowboy boots when Frye & Combats are the new inexpensive shit.You can absolutely not go wrong with these boots.If worn with a trench coat,big knitted scarf,dark or light denims your outfit will be sick regardless, when you add these joints to your look.With much variety and styles to choose from. A simple brown or black ones will due you throughout the season.Dont go overboard with the colors though.Remember sometimes less is MORE.
The frye boots above can be found at Urban Outfitters.

Has Blackberry Lost Its Touch?

Blackberry has launched the new Blackberry Torch 9800 yesterday.Theres alot of stir ups on if this version of Blackberry will actually do well in sales.Do people still do slide up phones? Well reviews says that this phone will actually give the new iPhone4 and Andriods a run for its money (Highly doubts).The new 9800 sports a slide up keyboard, is touch screen and is also the first Blackberry to run on 6 OS.It will have a price tag of $199.99 with a new 2 year agreement with At&t.It will be launched with further companies in months ahead.Personally i dont see the hype (Kanye Shug)

Thought To Get Rid Of Those??

August may be comming to a close shortly,but dont think to get rid of those little off the shoulder crop tops.These tee's where definitely the it thing in the late 70's & early 80's.Well there back and in full affect with much variety & a trendier edge.I myself own a couple of the inexpensive shirts.And to utilize them into a fall look just wear a cami under the top to dress it down,throw a light weighed scarf over it & ripped denims.So pull them back out from under your closets.Trust me,you'll thank me later.Remember the old school look is IN.Be daring with your selection of clothing.

Christian Louboutin Sneakers For Men

After a highly anticipated Fall/Winter 2010 campaign, Christian Louboutin 2010/2011 shoes are finally here.Along with the womens shoes, the mens collection where also put to surface.The mens shoes and sneakers come in a variety of prints including zebra,white studded stripes and  much more.Must we forget it has the signature red bottoms.Ladies would you allow your man to wear and outshine you in these?

Swizz Beats & Reggie Bush With Black Studded Loubis


Nike Cranberry 1/2 Cents..Fall 2010

Fellas get ready to drop that $400 on the “Cranberry” and “Eggplant” 1/2 Cents. Here are the first detailed look on these sneakers.Both sit on icy clear outsoles and black midsoles.There schedule to drop late Fall 2010

All Hail Queens...New Music Dj Jus & James Cruz

MC Hammer Pants Back in Style...Roll in the Harem Pants

These pants have to be a Huge fav of mines..Def cant go wrong with these bad boys which where worn in the 80's by entertainer Mc Hammer.These pants come low cut, high waisted and in denim.Dress them up with heels or go casual with ankle booties,sneakers or wedges.But beware not everyone can pull these of wearing them.These pants can be found locally at any American Apparel or Urban Outfitters.Take a look below to see how Keri Hilson exclusively rocked this shxt.

Signed Phylicia

Keri Hilson in High Waisted Yellow Harems

Fall 2010..Military Jackets & Padded Jackets

Pack up the summer wear..Fall season is right around the corner.Its all about BIG shoulder padded & military jackets which will go well with combat boots that will definetly be in this fall & winter.Caught wearing these jackets are Rihanna,Beyonce , Lady GaGa & the late Micheal Jackson.Even though these jackets may be a little steep in price range,they will definitely be a great addition to your closet!

New Girls On The Block...Can You Say Hot Much!

These lovely ladies who hail from Brooklyn,NY who call themselves CoCoandBreezy are the new talk of the town.Talk about sick fashion..these girls are on a different level.Designing an affordable line of eyewear & accessories worn by KELLY OSBOURNE, NICKI MINAJ, KELLY ROWLAND, ASHANTI, CIARA, & ALOT MORE ..there giving the fashion world a new taste but without tearing our pockets.Check these hot ladies and there eyewear at www.Cocoandbreezy.Com

Signed PhyliciaBitxhes*