Dash Boutique Comes To The NYC!!

Finally one of the smartest business moves the Kardashian sisters could possibly make, was opening there franchise DASH boutique in NYC.The store which is located on 119 Spring Street right in the heart of Soho will attract a major crowd over the next couple of months due to Kim & Kourtney doing filming for the next season of "The Kardashians". There other stores which are located in L.A. & in Miami has gotten great reviews for there selection of clothing,accessories & great price points....so i have no doubts that NY will do extremely well.We have to admit... as much as people try to knock down Kim, this girl is touching major paper with the amount of business she has entangled in.Dash NYC is scheduled to be opening very soon & i myself will definitely be taking a stroll down to Soho when it does :-)

    Dash L.A.

Nicki Minaj- Right Thru Me (Official Video)

Nicki Shessshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Willow Smith..The Next Generation

I have to give Hov the ultimate credit.This man knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he signed the young Willow Smith to Roc-Nation.At only the age of nine years old ,this lil' one has everyone whipping there hair to her fast paced single which hit radio stations over a moth ago.Not only is she a artist that writes her own music, the daughter of the highly paid Mr. & Ms.Smith..shes also a little fashonista in the making.This lil girl is guarenteed to take the world by storm...If I were to say shes walking in the steps of Beyonce, would that be a standard too high?? Only time will tell...